Terms of Service

This is the agreement made upon acceptance of payment and approval for a project.

1. Turnaround Time

Our normal print turnaround time is no later than 15 days from confirmed order AND payment received. In most cases, the orders are completed and shipped before the maximum amount of days, but 15 days gives us room to order the materials to start printing an order if the materials are not already in our shop. Once an order is completed in our shop, it is shipped out the next day.

I already sent you my artwork and it has been approved, but I have a change on it. Are you going to charge me for it?
This is completely situation pending. It comes down to how convenient the change is. At this point, changes to the artwork outside of the original file sent are at the mercy and discretion of our designers. If you need changes to your artwork, shirt color, or any changes to your order, contact us from the email you're in contact with for artwork approval and we will discuss your changes and charges from there. No fees will be charged or changes in your order will be made until we have contacted you, the client, notifying you of the changes and have your approval of the changes and charges.

2. Rights of Artwork

You own exclusive rights to your work as an artist or company, period. We do not retain the right to reuse your design, sell it, or sell/distribute the product we are printing for you. The only thing we reserve the right to do is using the product/design we print as a portfolio piece and for advertising our print quality for other clients. If you have an issue with the use of your work/product, feel free to contact us and we will work together to resolve the issue.

3. Ink Colors

We have standard colors that we order and regularly use, but if you have a specific color or Pantone that you need for your print, it needs to be clarified from the beginning of your order. These standard colors are cheaper and faster for us to order, but if you want a custom color outside of the standard colors, they must be custom made and therefore result in higher ink costs for you and us. As a customer, you MUST clarify from the beginning if your artwork has specific colors or placements. Our mock-ups are generally created using our standard colors and are as close to a real print as we can get (screen pending). Please be specific about your colors! Email info@benaiahclothing.com if you have questions about colors for your order.

4. Payment

Paypal is the most immediate way to get your order rolling, but we also accept checks, money orders, and cash. However, we cannot start your order until we have received your payment.

5. Return Policy

Due to the nature of this business, and a lot of the work is being done manually. We strive very hard to not let any small errors or mistakes arrive to you. We take every effort to ensure quality work. Unfortunately errors do happen, after all we are human. We will take every effort to correct any major mistakes. We strive on being able to have a fast turnaround for all our customers, so we are very busy. In order to handle returns, you have 15 days from receiving your product to contact us regarding any issues, so we can work it out. We do require any items being remade or refunded to be returned to us, for quality review and inspection. We do this to learn and grow from our mistakes. The reason we ask for 15 days, is because we will hold on to your artwork and screens for that long. Ideally we want you to be fully satisfied, so remaking any errors will always be our first option so you as the client will have all the items you paid for. If you do not want the items remade, we will offer a refund for mistakes. After the 15 days we will not be able to remake your items, and we will only offer a partial refund of for the mistakes. After 30 days we will no longer offer the partial refund. No product will be remade or refunded until mistakes have been returned.

If there are any other questions or concerns pertaining to our Terms of Service, please contact us.