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Our Story

Printing isn't a job, it's a passion.


Our mission is simple: Bring the best quality in printing together with the lowest prices while not sacrificing the unique attention each individual deserves.

Benaiah Clothing started in 2009 as the brain child of Chad Duncan, who wanted  to spread a positive message in the action sports community and metal music scene through t-shirt design. After recruiting a few friends to help grow the brand, a need arose to take things to the next level. In trying to find a way to cut cost and time for new merch, Benaiah Prints was born.

What started as a way to grow a t-shirt company grew into a drive and passion for printing. Through the help of friends and much trial and error, Benaiah Prints became officially licensed in 2011 and hasn't slowed down since. Once operating on a simple manual printer, we are now in full swing with an industrial sized machine press and are constantly adding new equipment, techniques, and services. We look forward to serving you and taking our passion to the next level every day.

Our Team



Founder & Sales


Ashley Witherington

Shop Manager & Designer



Marketing & Designer