Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions and answers.

We want to provide as much help with your order as possible before you get started. Here are some questions we're asked regularly to give you some insight into our process. If you'd rather skip the reading and ask us directly, contact us.


+ What is your turnaround time?

Our normal print turnaround time is no later than 15 days from confirmed order AND payment received. In most cases, the orders are completed and shipped before the maximum amount of days, but 15 days gives us room to order the materials to start printing an order if the materials are not already in our shop. Once an order is completed in our shop, it is shipped out the next day.

+ Can I pay to rush an order?

We work on the orders in the order they were placed and paid for. We do not allow for rushed orders. You may suggest a completion date, but we cannot promise completing the order earlier than the 15 days as stated above.

+ If I pay for expedited shipping, will I get my order faster?

You may pay for expedited shipping, but it DOES NOT guarantee a rushed or quickly completed order. It only allows for your products to be shipped within the amount of time paid for once the package is in shipping. You must allow for the normal turnaround of 15 days from order conformation AND received payment.

+ What is your order minimum?

We require orders to be no less than 12 pieces with one ink color, 24 pieces for two ink colors, and 50 pieces with three ink colors or more. If you need a number lower than the required minimum, it can not be multiple color or multiple shirt brands, colors, and styles, and the cost per item will be much higher to cover the cost of time and materials required for a standard order. If you have any other questions about order minimums, feel free to contact us.


+ How big can you all print?

We typically print on screens with a PRINTABLE AREA of 17”x15”. We have oversized printing equipment, but understand that oversized printing is an extra fee per screen. Our oversize printable area is 18”x20”.

+ What kind of colors do you have?

We have standard colors that we order and regularly use, but if you have a specific color or Pantone that you need for your print, it needs to be clarified from the beginning of your order. These standard colors are cheaper and faster for us to order, but if you want a custom color outside of the standard colors, they must be custom made and therefore result in higher ink costs for you and us. As a customer, you MUST clarify from the beginning if your artwork has specific colors or placements. Our mock-ups are generally created using our standard colors and are as close to a real print as we can get (screen pending). Please be specific about your colors! Email if you have questions about colors for your order.

+ How many colors can I put on a shirt?

We only allow up to six (6) colors on our normal 18”x16” screens. For oversized printing, no more than two colors may be used due to the size and spacing of our screen press.

+ What kind of brands do you offer?

We can get our hands on just about every shirt brand in the industry. Just email us at if you need suggestions for your order or are looking for a specific brand, style, fit, color, and/or material; otherwise, you're welcome to explore some of our selection through our online catalog.


+ Do you only do t-shirts?

NONSENSE! Aside from Die-Cut Vinyls, we can do anything from kitchen aprons, tote bags, gym shorts, uniform polos, table clothes, wood prints, and more. Just contact us and we’ll help you figure out if our capabilities meet your project needs! [][0]


+ What kind of art files do I need?

This is easily a long explanation, but to keep it short and sweet these are the file types in preferred order:

  • .PSD (Adobe Photoshop), .AI (Adobe Illustrator), or .EPS file (with all text outlined or included text in project folder)
  • Layered PDF or High-quality print PDF
  • .PNG
  • .TIFF

We use Adobe programs to prep our artwork. We do not accept files incompatible with Adobe Suite. You may use other graphic programs, but the files must be compatible with Adobe programs. All files must be at least 300dpi, especially if you are sending flat images such as JPEGs. Separation of colors in layers is highly preferred.

+ Do you design artwork for clients?

Yes, we do offer design services; however, this is not an included or free service. There is a $50.00/hour fee and 1 hour minimum for our in-house design and is charged per the designer's discretion based on time and difficulty of the artwork. It should also be noted that we reserve the right to apply fees to changes outside of the original scope of a project and our artwork fees are non-refundable. The client will be informed of any up front costs before anything is invoiced. If you have any more questions about your artwork needs, please feel free to contact us.

+ Will I see a sample before you run my order?

We usually do not offer a physical proof of your print due to complications of materials on hand, time, and costs; however, on a project to project basis, we may approve this service for a fee. If you, the client, chooses to continue with the production of the order, that fee will be waved in the final invoice. This fee is non-refundable.

We do offer a free electronic proof of your project within 3 business days of your order inquiry. This is to address images sizes, general placements, ink colors, and any other product needs that may need to be known before your order is approved to print. We will not begin production on your order until we have approval of your artwork and payment.

+ Do you charge a fee for artwork approval?

Our artwork approval is 100% free; HOWEVER, there may be an artwork preparation fee. This fee is only charged if we, the printer, have to digitally prepare your file for printing. This includes, and is not limited to:

  • Vectoring artwork
  • Recreating logos or artwork
  • Digitizing sketches, drawings, paintings, or images
  • Tracking down fonts
  • Separating colors
  • And adding halftones

If your artwork is print ready, this fee will be waved. We will inform you of any necessary changes that need to be done to your artwork during our approval process before incurring any charges.

Payment & Refunds

+ What kind of payments do you accept?

We invoice using Paypal, which takes most major credit cards and is the most immediate way to get your order rolling, but we also accept checks, money orders, and cash; however, we cannot start your order until we have received your payment.

+ What is your Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of this business, and a lot of the work is being done manually, we strive very hard to not make any errors or mistakes in your order. We take every effort to ensure quality work. Unfortunately, errors do happen, after all we are human; however, we will take every effort to correct any major mistakes if the issue was on OUR mistake. In order to handle returns and refunds, you have 15 days from receiving your product to contact us regarding any issues, so we can work it out. We do require any items being re-printed or refunded to be returned to us, for quality review and inspection. The reason we ask for 15 days, is because we still have your artwork and screens ready to go. We want you to be fully satisfied, so re-printing any errors will always be our first option so you as the client will have all the items you paid for. If you do not want the items re-printed, we will offer a refund for mistakes. After the 15 days we will not be able to re-print your items, and we will only offer a partial refund. After 30 days we no longer offer a refund.

Still have questions?

If your not seeing your question answered here, please feel free to reach out to us.